tweezing tool
Tweezing is a perfect way to maintain brows and any unruly hairs. How does tweezing work? People used metal forceps manually to pull hairs out from the root, one or a few at a time. Targeted areas: eyebrows or stray...
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hair removal methods for private parts
The amount of hair in the private parts varies from person to person. There is no standard for the amount, the thickness or the specific area that pubic hair must cover. Some people like private parts to look well-groomed. Some...
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Pinkzio Ice-cooling IPL hair removal
  • IPL works best for people with light skin and dark hair.
  • IPL hair removal is a perfect solution for hair reduction. While waxing is known as fast and cheap but the results will not last long.
  • For sensitive skins, IPL works better than waxing due to the pain threshold. Not everyone can stand with the pain of waxing unless it’s done by professionals
  • Waxing may cause red bumps and ingrown hair while IPL is safe and gentle.
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Pinkzio designed and promoted all of our products in the U.S. We be proud of what we have achieved and feel honored to have all the people trust Pinkzio. The experts who developed and tested all products now offer you the knowledge of IPL hair removal, making sure you are perfectly safe using Pinkzio IPL hair removal.

To get started, we would like to compare IPL with other methods of removing hair in 4 dimensions——cost, time, pain and longevity.

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Pinkzio alpha-3 ice-cooling handset IPL hair removal
Considering that you can find multiple at-home IPL device online, which cost $99-$600, we would like to put some devices together and make a contrast. A list of key features of the most popular IPL Hair removal will be mentioned below to help you determine which device is right for you.
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