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Adore Me

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'A' Game
'A' Game
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  • Luxury 3D Faux Mink

  • Length: 7-14mm

  • Volume: Glam Wispy

  • Suit For: Round /Almond /Hooded /Deep-Set

  • Uses: 15-20 Wears

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Lash Map
Size :

Crafted with a comfortable dark band, these fan-favorite faux mink eyelashes offer subtle volume and 3D layered dimensions for an adorable lash look. Adore me feature a round customizable fit. They can be trimmed and reshaped to fit your eye shape and length for flawless results. All lash lovers can’t get enough of these falsie beauties that make your face look so iconic.

Step 1:Measure and trim lashes.

Step 2: Apply Pinkzio Lash glue-liner just like eyeliner, attach false lash directly to eyeliner, double the glue to inner and outer corners if needed.


Never get your lashes wet / Never pull lash hair /Keep lash in Pinkzio Box after each use


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