No Burning Eyelash Extension Glue Remover, Jasmine, 10g
The cream lash remover has been tested and approved to MSDS, CE certification, and SGS. All PINKZIO Lash products are tested and positively reviewed by Eyelash Extension Professionals before launch. We aim to empower all eyelash extension professionals by providing...
DIY Lash Extension Kit
Say goodbye to the everyday false eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes! Pinkzio DIY Lash Extension Kit has 14 days of retention for one lash extension, packed with 3 sets of clusters volume lashes, allows you to customize your lashes from the most natural to...
DIY Eyelash Extension Glue
All your expectations for Eyelash Extension Glue can be perfectly meet here in Pinkzio. Worry about Irritation and Fume? Too hard to control the glue for eyelash extension? Pinkzio DIY Eyelash Extension Glue containing Ethyl Cyanoacrylate ingredient, it's free of...
No Fumes Glue For Lash Extension
From hypoallergenic flexible low fumes for sensitive eyes to 3s ultra-fast curing strong bond for masters, Pinkzio has a full range of different types of eyelash extension glue available. Wanna get the best match for your favorite lashes? We got...
$16.99 $12.99
Eyelash Extension Glue Remover Cream, 5g
Pinkzio extra powerful eyelash extension glue remover has a powerful, safe, and brand-new formula, has no damage to your natural lash. This product will dissolve lash adhesive in just 1-2 minutes depending on glue strength, ensuring faster and more efficient...
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