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Miss Perfect

Forever Minky
Forever Minky
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Fiery Queen
Fiery Queen
$18.99 from $14.99
$18.99 $94.95

  • Luxury 3D Faux Mink

  • Length: 6-17mm

  • Volume: Glam Wispy

  • Suit For: Round /Almond /Deep-Set

  • Uses: 15-20 Wears

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Expertly designed to accentuate the eyes with their 3D multilayers, these false lashes feature round-shaped lash strands that create an amplified, yet, subtle finish and adds a natural-looking volume. Miss Perfect faux mink lashes are uniquely crafted to deliver a show-stopping effect while still offering a comfortable feel. The fibers are durable and ultra-light, and they can be used 15-20 times without losing shape.

Step 1:Measure and trim lashes.

Step 2: Apply Pinkzio Lash glue-liner just like eyeliner, attach false lash directly to eyeliner, double the glue to inner and outer corners if needed.


Never get your lashes wet / Never pull lash hair /Keep lash in Pinkzio Box after each use


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