The Differences between IPL and Laser Hair Removal

Pinkzio Sapphire IPL hair removal


For many years’ temporary hair removal treatment options such as waxing, threading, tweezing and depilatory creams have been utilized, and are still being used. Although these methods are relatively cheap, convenient and easily accessible, the results are short-lived, and require regular repetitive treatments. Permanent hair removal can be done through electrolysis and light-based treatments. To help you understand which hair removal method is right for you, this review will explain what you need to know about both treatments.


Light-based hair removal technologies are based on either high-intensity, coherent, monochromatic, narrow-waveband lasers, or high-intensity, incoherent and polychromatic pulsed light (intense pulsed light, IPL). With significant advances in technology, laser hair removal, also known as photo-epilation, has become a popular choice for the permanent reduction and removal of unwanted hairs. The concept of selectively targeting chromophores is an important concept in efforts to remove unwanted hairs, and relies on selectively targeting and destroying hair follicles through exposure to pulses of light, while causing minimal damage to surrounding areas.

 the differences of IPL and laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

As we mentioned above, laser technology is based on high-intensity, coherent, monochromatic, narrow-waveband lasers. The laser beam consists of carefully regulated energy pulses that are absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair, reaching the active hair follicles beneath the skin. Fundamentally, the energy heats the hair all the way down to the root, safely eliminating it without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue or skin.

Most people will require six to eight treatments, after which the hair will be decreased or completely eliminated, and the skin will be smooth and even.

How does laser hair removal work?

During laser hair removal, a high-intensity pulsed laser beam is directed at the target. The emitted light is primarily absorbed by melanin in the hair, and converts the light energy into an intense heat energy that diffuses into and destroys the hair follicle. While stem cells located in the hair bulge do not contain melanin, they are also targeted and destroyed by thermal damage through the diffusion of the heat energy from the hair follicle. This damage to the stem cells prevents future hair regrowth. Thus, laser hair removal can help remove unwanted hair.

 Laser hair removal treatment



IPL hair removal

IPL is a broad-spectrum light that’s diffused throughout the skin to help with permanent hair reduction. As Mandy M. Thomas said, it is high-intensity, incoherent and polychromatic pulsed light.

How does IPL hair removal work?

Spectrum lights can be measured as wavelength (nm), for example, Pinkzio Sapphire IPL hair removal have wavelength from 530nm to 1200nm, which mean that this device can penetrate 530-1200nm deep beneath the skin. This scale of wavelength is best attracted to melanin. The stem cells can easily absorb the light and be destroyed. Unlike laser treatments which emit a specific wavelength, IPL delivers a broad range of non-coherent light. The larger spot sizes associated with most IPL hand pieces allows for a larger target area, and thus a large amount of hair to be treated simultaneously So the IPL work the same as laser hair removal but gentler and wider.

A model using IPL



IPL vs Laser hair removal, which is better?

Typically, it depends on what you need.

Cost- The cost of treatments vary widely due to the providers. With regular and professional treatments, both methods can achieve long-term reduction of hair growth. In some clinic, we have to admit that new laser technology is more advanced than IPL system. But it is expensive.Laser hair removal's cost depends on whether you ask for experts or go to professional beauty salon. Like laser, the cost of IPL treatment can be different due to the technology. An at-home IPL device, such as Pinkzio Sapphire IPL hair removal,can save money in the long term and achieve the same results as in beauty salon.  IPL technology needs more treatments and may have less efficient hair reduction. 

Technology- Laser technology can penetrate the skin point to point while IPL technology uses a wider spectrum of light to affect melanin.  if you want to treat a wider range of skin and hair areas comfortably, it is better to pick up a suitable device. Integrated ice-cooling system, Pinkzio Sapphire IPL technology uses a minimally conductive cooling chip to cool the internal and external sides of the sapphire. The external side of the sapphire which is directly in contact with the skin immediately cools the target area making the whole process painless.


Generally, the difference between IPL and laser is that IPL can treat a larger area of your skin at a faster rate and can also be used safely at home. Because of these differences, you may save time and money while still getting smooth, hairless skin. Unwanted hair is a common problem that often requires continuous treatment. The presence of unwanted hair may cause significant psychological and emotional stress, and may have an adverse impact on their quality of life, resulting in patients resorting to feeling uncomfortable and experiencing low self-esteem. It is time to choose a at-home device to remove unwanted hair.

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