IPL Hair Removal Do’s and Don’ts

IPL Hair Removal Do’s and Don’ts

Are you super excited to try your first IPL device? There are a few things you need to consider before your hair-free journey. I have listed the dos and don’ts of IPL hair removal. Continue to read in order to have safe and effective treatments.


  • Do exfoliate before IPL hair removal sessions

You should exfoliate 24 hours before each IPL hair removal session. Ingrown hairs will be lessened, dirt and dead skin cells that trap hair underneath will be removed, and any loose hair that was already zapped and shed from your previous IPL session will be released. Exfoliating can prepare the skin for IPL, improving the absorption of the flashes and enhancing the efficiency of the hair removal procedure.


  • Do shave before every IPL hair removal session

In order to get the best results from your IPL device and to reduce hair regrowth, shaving is essential. Shaving preserves the hair's root so that IPL can target and damage the melanin, reducing the growth of hair. That’s why IPL works best when you shave 24 hours prior to your hair removal session. For those who skip shaving because of pesky ingrown hair and razor rashes, it won’t be long before you can stop using razors.

Go check Pinkzio alpha-1 sapphire IPL hair removal out. You can get a free razor if you purchase a device, making it a perfect addition to your hair removal journey.


  • Do clean and moisturize after every procedure

You should clean and moisturize after your IPL sessions and generally on a daily basis to avoid dry skin. Always use a water-based moisturizer or stay away from anything that contains oils or other chemicals that can irritate your skin and clog your pores.


  • Do take a shower right before your IPL hair removal session

Before your IPL session, wash off any dirt, oil, lotion, deodorant, powder, makeup, or moisturizer. You should only use your IPL device on clean, dry skin to prevent obstacles from the light's path to the hair's root.


  • Do wear goggles during IPL treatment

It is important to wear safety goggles while using IPL handset at-home. Goggles in the Pinkzio IPL hair removal kit is designed as dark glass, preventing potential hazards like UV.


  • Do use sunscreen (SPF>30) for protection.

Chemical sunscreens contain organic ingredients that catalyze a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun; this reaction transforms UV rays into heat, which is then released from the skin. Sunscreen can avoid the skin getting burned or pigmented. Reapply it as frequently as you can, especially if you sweat or your skin becomes wet.



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  • Don’t use your IPL device every day!

Your skin needs time to recover and absorb the energy. It will irritate your skin if you use it every day.


  • Don’t bleach your hair before the treatment.

The IPL’s light mainly focuses on the melanin in the follicles. If you bleach your hair, it will lower the efficiency of the device.


  • Don’t use chemical peels, 2 weeks prior.

A chemical peel can cause some trauma by exfoliating the skin aggressively. The reason why suggesting a 2-week wait is that your skin has undergone some trauma during the Chemical treatment. Using two treatments very close together may cause too much irritation and some unintended side effects like raw skin or itching. Give yourself some time to heal from one of the treatments. And then after 2 weeks feel free to get the other.


  • Don’t go tanning during IPL treatment

You should stay out of the sun for as long as possible for at least two weeks before and after your IPL hair removal treatment. UV light can irritate the skin, leave permanent pigmentation, scarring, which makes the hair removal process more difficult. Whether or not you are undergoing IPL treatment, we suggest you to always wear sunscreen to protect your sensitive skin and prevent early aging. In the end, avoiding the sun for a few months will be worthwhile because you won't ever have to worry about having unwanted hair again.


  • Don’t apply perfumes, deodorants or harsh chemicals

After IPL treatments, give your skin some time to heal. For at least two days following each session, avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals. Use moisturizers and deodorants that contain more natural, skin-soothing ingredients. Keep away from chemical-containing products and choose water-based moisturizers. Additionally, it is suggested to hold off on using any peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, or other similar abrasive procedures for at least 2 weeks after IPL sessions.


  • Don’t wax, pluck, thread, or epilate

For laser or IPL hair removal treatment, any other hair removal methods that disrupt the hair follicle or break the hair root is a big no. With a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths, IPL mainly targets the melanin in hair root by converting light energy to heat, which in turn destroys the hair follicle and prevents the hair from growing back. If the hair isn’t intact, the IPL won’t be able to work on the root as effectively.


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