Waxing Vs IPL Hair Removal, Which is the Better Option?

Pinkzio Ice-cooling IPL hair removal


In spas and beauty salons, waxing and laser hair removal were the normal forms of getting rid of unwanted hair in the past. Now due to professional equipment and imitate service, effective hair removal can be expensive, even at the lowest cost, you will not be able to save money for beauty.

Fortunately, we can purchase at-home waxing and IPL hair removal equipment on the Internet. Both are far less expensive than the clinical treatment and can be used safely and privately.

People always ask which hair removal method is recommended. In this blog, our expert will introduce the benefits and drawbacks of waxing and IPL hair removal to you, helping you to decide which method will work best for you.


IPL hair removal

Benefits of IPL treatments:

  • Painless-Pulses of light is converted into heat energy in the follicles, which cause damage on the follicle’s roots. During this process, sapphire crystal can absorb the heat and make you feel cool in targeted areas. People are wondering if IPL hair removal hurt? Customers who using Pinkzio sapphire IPL hair removal provide you with the best answers on reviews. Check this out.
  • Quick- 8-10 minutes per session. You can perform 2-3 times per week. You will be able to see significant result within 6 weeks.
  • Long-lasting – Using IPL device on a long-term basis, you can have smooth skin permanently.
  • Available for sensitive areas-Is IPL hair removal safe for sensitive areas? We highly recommend IPL hair removal if you don’t have skin diseases. Because IPL can be super gentle and you probably will not feel anything.



  • skin tone-IPL works best for someone who have lighter skin and darker hair. The light in IPL can recognize the contrast between skin and hair. The color is an important factor. So you may consult our team before you purchase the device.

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Benefits of waxing:

  • Immediate results-Most at-home waxing are very easy to use. You can simply heat up the wax and apply. And you will get an immediate result of hair-free skin.
  • Quick and cheap-Waxing is available all over the online shop. Take an order and you can get a brand-new waxing kit. Along with the time you spend in applying wax, it’s much quicker than a long-travel salon appointment.
  • Finer hair re-growth – After waxing, you hair may grow finer, which is proved by so many customers.
  • Available for face and larger areas-Waxing is suitable for removing facial hair and larger areas like legs and back. If the procedure can be done by a professional, you may not be at pain. Also, it better not try waxing if you have sensitive spots on your body.



  • painful- Even though many people believe waxing to be less painful than other hair removal methods like tweezing and epilating, it can still be extremely unpleasant, especially if you have a low pain tolerance or have never had waxing done.
  • Messy- When utilizing a small pot of wax and applying it directly to your skin, wax can be messy. If heated wax is not applied carefully, it may end up on your hands, clothes, and floor. And you might have problems removing the wax if it hardens.




  • IPL works best for people with light skin and dark hair.
  • IPL hair removal is a perfect solution for hair reduction. While waxing is known as fast and cheap but the results will not last long.
  • For sensitive skins, IPL works better than waxing due to the pain threshold. Not everyone can stand with the pain of waxing unless it’s done by professionals
  • Waxing may cause red bumps and ingrown hair while IPL is safe and gentle.


What Is the Best IPL Hair Removal Machine?

IPL devices defer from different technologies. Pinkzio alpha-1 IPL has the latest IPL hair removal technology——Sapphire crystal. You will feel cool in the contact areas due to the crystal’s conduction of heat. Unlike traditional IPL device, it’s totally pain-free treatment. So IPL is really worth it for hair removal.


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