Sapphire IPL Hair Removal
At Home Painless Sapphire Ice-Cooling IPL Permanent Hair Removal-5
Sapphire IPL Hair Removal
Sapphire IPL Hair Removal
At Home Painless Sapphire Ice-Cooling IPL Permanent Hair Removal-3

Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

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  • SAVE MONEY: Never make a IPL appointment again. No replacements or refills needed.
  • THE MOST ADVANCED: This innovative device has a built-in sapphire, featuring an upgraded ice sensing panel.
  • SAFE: It is safe to use since it has been countlessly tested by technical experts.
  • FAST & EASY: The combination of sapphire technology and semiconductor refrigeration makes the hair removal process like a breeze.
  • PERMANENT RESULTS: Objective research proves you can get 90% hair reduction after three treatments.
  • SUITABLE FOR MEN: the ideal tool to tackle hair, acne and or age spots on your chest, back, arms, stomach, and legs.
  • Upgraded Ingrown Hair Removal Kit: The package is included with IPL hair removal device*1,goggles*1,razor*1,luxury cosmetic lift-bag*1,storage bag*1,adapter*1,user manual*1.

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Suitable For All Body Part

Painless Sapphire Freezing Tech

Suitable For Most Skin

1. What Is Sapphire Freezing Technology? 

Sapphire features a high level of thermal conductivity, and boosts the transmission of light energy, thus improving the effectiveness of hair removal.

Pinkzio sapphire hair removal device uses a minimally conductive cooling chip to cool the internal and external sides of the sapphire. Making the whole process painless.

2. Why is it PAINLESS ?

During the treatment, the light-emitting area is in cooling state, treated area skin down to 60°F making heat sensations less felt. Therefore, the whole hair removing process is no pain at all.

3. What Is The Result ?

From 1st Month;  2 times/week, hair is significantly reduced by 50%.

From 2nd Month; 1 time/week, hair starts to thin out and fall out by up to 80%.

From 3rd Month; 1 time/2 weeks. 

From 4th Month; Hairs completely falls out. Hello to smooth and flawless skin.

TIPS: It can be used once every 2 months to achieve permanent hair removal.

How To Use

Which IPL is right for you?

IPL Multi-Ergonomic Design


Pulsed Light System

5 Energy Levels & 2 Modes

Unlimited flashes

30-year lifespan

Gift Package

Suitable skin tones:1-5


Sapphire IPL Hair Removal


Sapphire Treatment Window

9 Energy Levels & 2 Modes

Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes

10-year lifespan

luxury cosmetic lift-bag

Suitable skin tones:1-5


ICE Cooling Painless Handset


Ice Cool & Painless

5 Energy Levels & 2 Modes

Upgraded to 999,999 Flashes

10-year lifespan

Gift Package

Suitable skin tones:1-5


Pinkzio Reviews

Unique Best Friend Gifts  🎁


I bought two and gave the other one to my best friend. This summer, wear your bikini.




The most reliable hair removal device. I've been looking for it just to be safe.  It's FDA certified  


Los Angeles, CA


I saved a lot of money compared to going to the beauty salon.I always take it with me when I travel