There are many options getting unwanted body hair and it is always a personal choice. You may choose to do it, and you are aware of the effort involved. It might be the stubble that grows back the day after shaving, the itch, the pain from waxing, or the odor of hair removal product. It looks like a task, and we certainly have enough of those in a day.

You may have experienced the struggle of balancing your hair removal appointments with your daily schedule. Pinkzio's goal is to provide you a salon experience at home while enabling you to take charge of hair removal with a longer-term solution and assisting you in achieving (and maintaining!) the smooth skin sensation for longer.

We have got tons of positive reviews on Online shop, helping Pinkzio’s brand becoming worldwide IPL hair removal. So there is the reason that many customers believe in Pinkzio with their legs, arms, and other sensitive areas.

Pinkzio designed and promoted all of our products in the U.S. We be proud of what we have achieved and feel honored to have all the people trust Pinkzio. The experts who developed and tested all products now offer you the knowledge of IPL hair removal, making sure you are perfectly safe using Pinkzio IPL hair removal.

To get started, we would like to compare IPL with other methods of removing hair in 4 dimensions——cost, time, pain and longevity.




Pinkzio has wallet-friendly price and is designed to remove unwanted hair permanently. Our products come with 10-year to 30-year lifespan and unlimited flashes. It can save you a lot of time and money when compared to salon appointments like waxing or laser services. Read this blog to know more about laser hair removal price.




According to a research by American Laser Centers, women in the US shave their legs for 7,718 times over the course of their lifetimes.

Adding travel time for salon appointments can almost double these times in addition to the treatment's length. Pinkzio IPL devices are the fastest in the market. Check this blog and you will find Pinkzio IPL devices have shorter time between flashes. Our designers have created the perfect mode of speed and power to get you great results. Just 8 minutes each time, and 2-3 treats a week. After your initial 6-8 weeks treatment plan, you can maintain treatments every few months, keeping the results lasting longer.

To learn more about Pinkzio IPL and what device is best for you.




Everyone’s pain threshold is different, many Pinkzio IPL user shared what it felt like to them. We listed a few below, you can click the link and find it out.

In multiple online shops, users from the world rated the discomfort of treatment as 1 out of 10, with many words they just felt a cold/warm sensation from the light. (It depends on which device you’re using) Influencers who are real user, said: “Compared to waxing and other methods, IPL is completely painless.”


All of Pinkzio alpha device also comes with a gentle mode which some users find helpful for their first-time or in more sensitive areas.



Methods like shaving (manual or electric) and hair-removal creams will remove the hair at the skin’s surface layer, leaving your follicle underneath the skin. The results are short-lived so some people prefer its quickness and simplicity.

Waxing and sugaring remove the hair follicle, giving you smoother for longer than traditional means. But the process is painful! Results usually last around six weeks if it’s done right.

Laser and IPL work in similar ways, using light to convert heat. Both target the hair follicle with light energy. These two methods disable the hair follicle under the skin, resulting in less hair growth and density. After initial treatments, you can only follow maintenance treatments a few months a time. Multiple sessions/ treatments can help reduce the overall amount of hair. Most importantly, the results can be permanently If you can keep going with Pinkzio IPL hair removal at home. Interested in more of topics of IPL and laser, check our blog here.


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